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SAC Mid-Term Review

General View

SAC is unique as it is the apex body of all the other boards: BSW, BSP, BSA, BRCA and BHM. Hence, its working is slightly different. A notable difference is that PORs are majorly for the 3rd year. While they have around 7 students from the second year working for them, the number is low compared to other boards.

In SAC, work is equally distributed amongst the Secretaries. Each Secretary needs to be the head of at least one project taken up by SAC as well as help in at least two more projects. People are encouraged to execute their ideas.

The feedback mechanism between the Secretaries and the General Secretary has been healthy. Secretaries believe that transparency exists between them and the Gsec/DGsec. The GSec/DGSec try to explain the how’s and why’s of decisions taken by the admin in detail.

However, a common issue was related to less-than-effective communication with the student community. This could be because all minutes of the meeting have to be approved by everyone before being released, which can be time-consuming. Members of the board further believe that the working of the SAC should be expressed in a better way to the community.

Lastly, SAC members feel content with the work that they have done, and their overall expectations have been met. However, a general disappointment was due to the belief that they would be directly involved in policymaking. They have now realised that all their ideas must have the strict approval of the IIT Delhi administration before being implemented.

Note: Projects marked with a ^ are points not from the GSec’s manifesto.


Most of the promises made in the Gsec’s manifesto are either completed or will be completed around March when the next SAC meeting is scheduled. Some projects are to be inaugurated by the director and are complete on SAC’s end.

Completed projects:

  • Workshops with IGES^: SAC Secretaries worked in collaboration with IGES to have 6-hour long gender sensitisation workshops for all PoR holders on campus along with the IIT Delhi staff.

  • Internal Complaints Committee: Anonymous students have been added to the committee to aid in addressing students’ issues regarding harassment/misconduct.

  • Resolving issues in Nalanda hostel: They have been provided with proper WiFi and water facilities, which had been previously erratic.

  • Food Bill Hike: A committee was set up to understand the food prices at stalls of Amul and Rajdhani. A formal report was presented in the CELC meeting as well.

  • ECA management portal^: The ECA management portal has been integrated with the e-academics section to track all the institute recognised activities.

  • Extension of library timings^: Library timings were extended from 9 am to 9 pm for the benefit of students.

  • Mess for day scholars: Day scholars have been allowed to have their meals in the hostel affiliated messes.

  • Fellowship post five years for research scholars affected due to pandemic for research activities: The idea was brought up in the SAC meeting on 27/12/21; however, from the meeting minutes, it is clear that the administration rejected the idea. Work on SACs behalf, though, can be considered as complete hence.

  • Successfully conducted the alumni festival in association with the IITD Alumni Association.

  • Indhradhanu^: Successfully recognised Indradhanu under the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. The club aims to make the campus a more inclusive space by suggesting policy changes to the institute and spreading awareness regarding the LGBTQIA+ community.

  • Constitutions^: Constitutions of all the boards are to be re-written in gender-neutral language.

2 PG SAC representatives have been added to CAIC.

Ongoing projects:

  • Project Portal: A portal where all the professors can upload their projects, and students can apply to those that interest them. This will enable everyone to choose from a wide range of projects without mailing the professors. The project just requires the director’s approval to go forward.

  • PG representation: PORs have been introduced for PG students in boards such as BSW and BRCA. However, the PG representation ratio in SAC (1.2:1, PG:UG) has not been fulfilled yet.

  • SAC Booklet: A document that has all the necessary information regarding SAC. The draft has been chalked out and passed on to the technical Secretaries.

  • Query redressal portal: A portal to address students’ queries and complaints regarding any board. A student representative from the board would be assigned to address the issue and respond to the query within seven days. Otherwise, SAC would step in and understand why it hasn’t been answered on time. The document has been chalked out, and the work is passed on to the technical secretaries.

  • Measures against caste-based discrimination on campus: A body comprising students from backward classes was promised along with campaigns and sensitisation events within SAC. Initial discussions were held and this project will be taken up in the upcoming SAC meeting.

  • Scholarship portal: A portal to be integrated into the ERP system from where students can apply for scholarships directly.

  • Student Counselling Services and Language Mentorship: The number of counsellors has increased from 3 to 7. The promised number was 8; however, that has not been fulfilled yet due to the institute not being able to find a suitable male counsellor.

  • Professional modules and teachers from the British Council were promised, but this idea has not been executed yet.

  • Academic calendar: SAC has involvement in the academic calendar if there is a clash of two important events. No such clashes are there as of now.

Incomplete projects/ideas:

  • General Secretary Showdown: An initiative where all the General Secretaries will join an online meet to be asked questions by the audience regarding their work. The idea has not been executed yet due to scheduling issues with the GSecs. It is, however, slated for this semester.

  • Medical Insurance: The 2020 Entry students have not been added to the list of medical insurance holders yet.

  • Women Cell: Due to the recent formation of the Office of Diversity & Inclusion, the formation of a women cell has been difficult as the administration plans to take up the activities mentioned in the manifesto.

In conclusion

SAC has had a productive semester, with many ideas being executed or on the verge of execution. The overall teamwork has also been great; however, some Secretaries believe that the bonding has been majorly professional and that they have interacted with their colleagues less due to the online semester.


Written by: Priyanshi Gupta, Pratham Pahuja

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