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BHM Mid-Term Review

General View:

BHM has been an important forum to address students’ complaints relating to accommodation and food forever. We are happy to report that under the leadership of the new General Secretary, BHM continues to perform its duties to the best of its abilities (though we must admit that work is a bit scarce since the lockdowns).

The board values independence and allows the hostel representatives the freedom to take up projects for their hostels, given they can provide proper justification. The workload is not a lot, and hence members are not just willing but enthusiastic to volunteer in new projects. Since a lot of sophomores have never met their colleagues IRL, there's a lack of team-bonding among them, but that is easily offset by the fact that each one of them understands that their work brings major differences, and hence they are always ready to work together.

A lot of the boards’ projects are for the offline mode, so they are excited to get started as soon as we return to campus.

Completed Projects:

  • Seminar for Secretaries and Representatives: Making them aware of their powers and responsibilities as BHM members.

  • The BHM website: The website is ready, there will be a public announcement soon

  • Unannounced Inspections: To maintain the quality of hostel maintenance; happening once/twice a month.

Ongoing Projects:

  • Hostel Budget Breakdowns: Mess fee breakdown can now be known by any hostel student if they inquire with their caretaker. They are trying to develop mechanisms to get the details of the hostel budget straight to the students soon.

  • Beautifying projects: Renovation work and new artwork installation has begun in a few hostels such as Udaigiri.

  • Frequent Testing of the BHM employees: To maintain smooth working; happening once a month currently.

  • Proper Responsibility Management: To increase the productivity of representatives and Secretaries.

Incomplete Projects:

  • Implementation of the post of deputy secretary: As discussed by the previous General Secretary.


Since a lot of the board's activities depend on whether or not the students are onboarded, a lot of proposed projects are at a standstill. We can only hope that the college resumes offline as soon as possible so that these projects are finished.


Written by : Prabal Singh

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