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Ragnarok – Battle of the Years

Great nights in IIT Delhi are always created, when seniors and juniors all come together. So was the evening of February 1st, 2016 when Musical junta of each year of B.Tech. came together or rather against each other. Ragnarok-Battle of the years was battle among freshers, sophomores, juniors and seniors.

To witness this battle and to cheer for their respective years (or the outstanding performance) a huge crowd assembled in the seminar hall well before the start of event.

The judges were none other than our own seniors, the very mentors of many of third and fourth yearites, the guys who rocked the Seminar Hall and Dogra Hall and even OAT not many years ago, Prateek and Sambhav. With their introduction and in the midst of all cheering of the crowd began the performance of Second yearites. Followed by freshers, followed by third yearites and finally the seniors. When Second year bragged about the humungous number of talent in the year, the freshers performed with the spirit of presenting themselves as great future of the music club IITD, the third year had all lot of experience, stage sense, and delightful voices to mesmerize the audience as well as judges, and seniors just delivered a great “goodbye performance” from their year to all the others.

Since 7 pm to nearly 11:40 the seminar hall was either full of great melodies or loud cheering. After the performances of all the years Prateek and Sambhav performed Khamaaj, with Sambhav on Guitar and Prateek on vocal, on audience request and once again inspired their juniors.

When it came to results the juniors (Third year) respectfully beat the seniors (Fourth year) getting themselves the first position. The third prize being given to the sophomores (Second Year). Fachchas were appreciated for the stable and great performance they delivered despite them being fachchas. A few songs performed which I find worth special mention (and this list is not exhaustive) are ‘Tere hain nishan’ by sophomores, ‘Husna’ by fourth year and of course ‘Writings on the wall’ and ‘Pyaar hume kiss mode pe le aaya(Awesome audience involvement)’ by third year fellows.

Overall it was a great and successful effort by Music Club IITD. The event had all the usual blunders of a music event. The music secy Rishabh Sanghi definitely deserves partying after the double success. The event was a refreshing relief on a busy and Hot like Hukka Monday. We, pretty sure, look forward to more such events.

PS: For the uninitiated: Ragnarok is the name the Pre Christian Norse gave to the end of their mythical cycle, during which the cosmos is destroyed in apocalyptical battle and is subsequently re-created.

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