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Virasat 2016

Virasat 2016 hosted an incredible evening on 17 Feb 2016 with the one of the world’s leading Sitar maestro Ustad Irshad Khan ji and his accompanists entangling the audience through their breath taking melodies and great musical sagacity. With his magical touch of fingers, he not only created mesmerizing music but also an extraordinary aromatic aura in the Seminar Hall that night.

Born into the illustrious Imdadkhani gharana, Irshad ji is a leading surbahar (bass sitar) exponent of his generation. His aalaps were finely crafted with well thought out sequential musical progressions. Pandit Ram Kumar Mishra ji on the tabla provided appropriate accompaniment; clearly the two players had a good chemistry. The concert proved that life-long dedication cannot fail to result in excellence – combined as it is with an over 100 years of musical tradition attached with his family. Not only did Ustad Irshad Khan ji play like the master he is, he also generously allowed his fellow accompanist Pandit Ram Kumar Mishra ji to show his form during the recital. It was a pleasure for all the participants, all totally enraptured in the music. Overall, it truly was a night that left its impressions on everyone who attended, rekindling the vivacity in their mundane lives. Presented by the IIT Delhi Alumni association and BRCA SPIC MACAY, Virasat 2016 is exhibiting some of the highly esteemed Indian classical music legends during the fest that will go on to captivate the audience till March 2016.


Virasat 2016 witnessed a remarkably mellifluous evening on 18 Feb 2016 with the Padma Bhushan awardee brothers Pandit Rajan and Sajan Mishra spreading the magic of their voice through a pleasing pure Hindustani classical vocal journey. The veteran singer brothers truly gave its audiences a musical treat to remember. The duo is a part of a 300-year-old lineage of khyal singing of the Banaras gharana, delighting their spectators all over India and the world for several years. They built the concert methodically and progressed slowly.

A few minutes into the musical ride, they started showing glimpses of their repertoire and full volume improvisations, following it up with a playful variation. The saragams rendered subsequently by the two together took the concert to its crescendo. Their boundless love and devotion to the music was clearly noticeable throughout their performance. Shobhit Mishra on harmonium and Durjay Bhaumik on tabla served as perfect accompanists, by enhancing the notes of the duo even more.

It truly, in all senses was a melodious delight to all the attendees, an evening devoted to harmony, an evening full of chords and tunes to remember and to embrace for long.

IIT Delhi Alumni association and BRCA SPIC MACAY presented Virasat 2016 is showcasing some of the great Indian classical music icons and will continue to please its spectators till March 2016.


Virasat 2016 witnessed a memorable devotional flute recital on 22 Feb 2016 with the prestigious Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan awardee Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasiya ji fascinating the entire Seminar Hall through his divine and enthralling harmonious flute pieces. Pt. Hariprasad ji, through his masterful rhythmic blowing techniques, presented numerous ragas on flute, followed by his own experimentations and innovative combinations of tunes and pieces. Each of his compositions during the hour long concert were like a magical spell weaving melodies to enchant its listeners. His boundless passion and divine love for the instrument was apparent throughout in his flawless and energetic presentation. He is a world-renowned exponent of bamboo flute, one of the rare instrumentalists who expanded the peripheries of classical music by taking it to the common masses. Blending the musical traditions of India with imagination and innovation, he has created a sound of his own. It was undoubtedly a mystical evening devoted to diversity of Indian classical tunes, presenting the rich traditional wealth of Hindustani classical ragas, instilling positivity and harmony in all its auditors. IIT Delhi Alumni association and BRCA SPIC MACAY presented Virasat 2016 is showcasing some of the legendary Hindustani music stalwarts and this classical music extravaganza is scheduled to continue till March 2016.

Trends are transient but class is permanent Virasat 2016 showcased another legend Vidwan R Kumaresh on an incredible evening on 24Feb 2016, when the Violin maestro started mesmerising his audience with enthralling pieces of Carnatic Music. A dynamic violinist who through his regaling originality and style of playing performed at IITD’s sem hall and was at the peak of his form. The awe inspiring virtuoso made his presence felt among the legendary citadels of IITD when he started playing is favourite pieces. Practise makes a man perfect and pure perfection added charm to his undisputed musical crown, when he started converting the mundane Sem Hall into a fine majestic audi for Carnatic Music Connoisseurs. Presented by the IITD Alumni association and BRCA Spic Macay, Virasat 2016 is showcasing some.of the highly esteemed Indian Classical Musical legends during the fest that will go on to captivate the audience till March 2016.

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