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A tale that reeks of despondence,

Dare not get too close

The smoke be contagious

Be warned, your admittance is conditional.

Look within- are you lost,

Does the darkness scare you?

Confines you to tremble so,

Or is the cause closer still?

Look now- time is not on your side

Find yourself and remember who you are.

Recall, ‘cause this land

does you no favour.

My error, I ran away

Moving just fast enough to be caught.

Shut out in that safe

With no entry and no return.

Lies, treachery and spurn

plagued me day-to-day.

When the world shuts its windows on you

Conceals evil in an opaque fog,

How do you see light?

Or believe in shining bright.

So much is lost,

To light up these mourning eyes

How to do you keep up forgiving

It must be too much for you too.

Not to be fanciful nor derivative

Though this be an ode to the land of our souls

I never thought I'd be locked away with you.

My eternal punishment

The betrayal you bear across.

Am I unworthy, fearful or just lowly this day?

We fought, cried, and battled

You belittled, admonished and castigated.

Do you still hope to cast me away broken?

I never knew you, my soul

The way I do today.

The loneliness of our circumstances

Unclouded what was hidden before.

The answer always lies in the questions

I’ll just have to learn to ask the right ones.

Control is your domestic beast

Your secrets sealed in silence.

I'll dust off and begin again

Stand up to you someday.

The scars will heal

I'll know myself anew.

And reveal the charms unbroken

Of my own thoughts and dreams.


Written by : Aadya

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