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BSW Mentorship DGSec Miles

Completed Points:

  1. Female JEE Counselling

  2. Tour of Stalls

  3. Parents- Professors Interaction

  4. Student mentorship program

  5. Academic Mentorship Initiative: For the first time, extra help sessions conducted before exams for certain first-year courses to address students’ needs

  6. Language Mentorship Initiatives: Ongoing experimentation with BBR and Introduction of Activity Book

  7. Organised mental health sessions: Hostel and Department wise

  8. Collaborated with various entities to boost the mental health of students by means organising various events.

Partially Completed:

  1. Alumni Mentorship Portal: Initial pool of mentors has been secured.

  2. Alumni Clinic: 2 sessions of alumni clinic done, more to follow.

  3. English Language Enhance Programme: Survey conducted to understand needs, pitching professionals to conduct sessions

Report Analysis:

BSW’s mentorship programme speaks for itself through its work. Training sessions for mentors equipped them with the necessary skills to guide their mentees and feedback enabled them to adapt to be a ‘better’ mentor, ensuring a fruitful mentorship experience for both the parties (mentee and mentor). BSW’s initiatives, while keeping in mind the existing practices and policies, were simultaneously able to ‘change’ in accordance with the needs of the students. One such case was witnessed when extra help sessions were conducted for the students for generally considered ‘difficult’ courses. Another such case was observed when the language mentorship programme was altered by the introduction of ‘English Activity Book’ and an attempt was made to explore other avenues for language mentoring like BBR and ELEP. Diverse events were organised in collaboration with different entities which were both entertaining and encouraged the psychological well-being of the students.

COVID19 and BSW Mentorship:

While the programme was at its peak before the nationwide- lockdown, after the pandemic struck, most of its initiatives came to a halt. The much-needed language mentorship programme too came to a standstill with this. It is my belief that those struggling with English could have benefited greatly during this time had the programme been active.

One must also appreciate the fact that the student mentorship programme served as an amazing tool in these confusing times; allowing mentees to easily approach their mentors in case of any questions.

End Term Report:


Analysis by Ananya Mohit

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