BSA DGSec Miles

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Completed Manifesto Points

  1. Increasing awareness among UG students: After the success of the tour of stalls, the sports secretaries, captains and vice-captains were mobilised at the hostel level with great efficiency. Floating forms and communicating the desired information to seniors in different sports allowed picking of talent for respective fields in a systematic and large scale manner. The increased outreach amongst freshers is most clearly shown with the well organised fresher’s tournament. On investigating with multiple people, by and large, the fresher’s tournament is seen as a success which allowed a much better glimpse into new talent than possible in previous years.

  2. Creating a database of PG students and using this database to pitch them more effectively about various sport

  3. Increase PG involvement through an inter-departmental sports championship and also conduct a fresher’s week.

  4. Launching BSA website along with new features for convenience such as reimbursement forms, swimming application etc: Launching of the BSA website was delayed but achieved. Unexpected technical troubles are cited as the main reason for the delay. The layout and utility of the website are praiseworthy.

  5. Fetching a detailed report from Sportech 19’ team for smooth conduction of Sportech 20’

  6. Appointing a new team for coverage of Inter IIT, Inter Hostel and other tournaments: The content and design team of BSA for this year was exceptionally good, head and shoulders above the performance of previous years. The good work may very well act as a model for other boards to follow. This included a KYC (Know Your Contingent) series launched for the first time covering the various teams competing in Inter IIT in an enticing video series.

  7. Providing pavilion gym with better and up to date equipment.

  8. Making the NSO system more prompt with help of BSA executives, captains and vice-captains.

  9. Equipping all the courts with storage boxes for proper storage and security of sports-related equipment near the field itself.