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BSW Operations DGSec Miles

Completed Manifesto Points:

  1. Mock interviews in collaboration with the Alumni Association for students participating in the placement activities

  2. Events like Guftagoo and CV Compilation Workshop were streamlined under the Career Development Cell, thus making them better organized.

  3. The scope of language learning was extended for freshers beyond the regular NLN class by weekly worksheet circulation and personalized feedback.

  4. NLN instructors were brought in the loop to track the performance of BSW language mentors, which further increased the credibility of the program.

  5. A dynamic Scholarship Portal was launched which contains details of all active scholarships and relevant information.

  6. A course information booklet was designed where all relevant information is present.

  7. The work of BSW at hostel level was reshaped with better communication between mentors and representatives.

  8. A component of Roundtable Discussion was added in STIC Dinner to facilitate discussion between professors and students.

  9. Snapshots and excerpts of past events are being regularly posted on the website.

  10. Specific tabs were designated and developed for long term initiatives by BSW, which contains all the relevant information.

Partially Completed:

  1. Department mentors from 3rd and 4th year were to be allotted to incoming sophomores but it could only be partially done because of difficulty in selecting mentors due to lack of incentive and motivation among students.

  2. Personality development workshops by professional organizations could not be completed successfully because of lack of funds.

  3. Course feedback mechanism was supposed to be improved with more relevant questions with greater transparency, however, could not be organized properly due to the uncertain timeline and lack of prior planning.

  4. Identification and advertisement of part-time jobs in IIT and projects with professors was an ambitious plan but could only be partially completed for making the portal requires a lot of time.

  5. BSW Representatives were to be recognized as event coordinators in social media and website for better publicity of BSW, but could not be properly concluded.

Incomplete Points:

A session of “Know Your Department” by alumni was to be organized and PG students were to be included in Fresher’s orientation. However, Fresher’s Orientation was reduced to 2 days instead of 3 days like the previous year. Hence, there was hardly any time for new sessions and some events even had to be cut down.

  1. An initiative to introduce the Faculty Advisors in each department to the interested UG students was taken but could not be completed due to lack of interest by the faculty.

  2. BSW planned to reduce the number of courses for freshers uncomfortable in English, and instead float those course in the summer when the students would be more comfortable in English. However, the plan was refused by the administration.

  3. An ice-breaking session was planned with cross-hostel mentor-mentee groups, which however could not be executed due to lack of time and prior planning.


Report Analysis:

BSW Operations were jam-packed with multiple events which met with varying degree of success. The 2019-20 session kicked off with the Fresher’s Orientation wherein Evening Games were organized, followed by Department Orientation and Session with Mentors. Delhi-Darshan, a tour across Delhi for Freshers, was organized. The annual STIC dinner was conducted with enhancements like music club performance, more chairs, sufficient food and music system. Speranza-Convergenz was quite successful with high footfall on Band Night and Comedy Night (performed by Nishant Tanwar). Prom Night, Guftagoo, Enigma were other events under this. The website was revamped with an enhanced design.

Rex Karamveer Awards were given to social entrepreneurs. Sessions on Forex and Foreign Internship were also organized. In collaboration with BSP and IITDOnAir, BSW made a series of informative videos and webpage to help prospective students in making a better decision during their JEE counselling. Overall, operations were mostly successful in achieving their goals.

End Term Report:


Analysis by Nirjhar Das

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