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BSW GSec Miles

Updated: Oct 3, 2020


  • Session on Foreign Intern

  • Organized Rex Karamveer Awards

  • New BSW website with a Career Counselling Portal

  • Successful organisation of Convergenz, Band Night, Comedy Night, Jeopardy, Guftagoo, Mock IPL Auctions, Prom Night and Enigma

  • Organized Stic Dinner for faculty-student interaction

  • Orientation and Delhi-Darshan for first-year students

  • Took various initiatives for Mental Health like counselling and campaigns.

  • Language Mentorship Initiatives like Blackboard Radio (BBR), Language Workbook

  • Academic Mentorship Initiative

  • Hosted Alumni Clinic sessions

  • Conducted tour of Stalls for first-year students

  • Organized Female JEE Counselling Session

  • Conducted the Flagship Event of Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi

Partially Done:

  • Alumni Portal - The Alumni Portal is still in the finishing stage. An initial pool of mentors has been created which can be allotted to approximately 180 students for now.

  • Mentorship for Prospective Students - BSW collaborated with BSP and IITDOnAir to create informative videos and a webpage for prospective students. The videos have not yet been shot due to unavailability of equipment from IITDOnAir and subsequent minor exams. However, all the backend research and work has been completed.

  • Complaints Portal - No dedicated Complaints Portal as for now, but a Live Chat Box and contact forms has been incorporated on the new BSW website via which students can raise their queries.


  • Internship fair, scheduled to be held for first and second-year students, could not be held because of denial by OCS and also by the Dean of Students’ Affairs.

  • Department session at the end of the first year couldn’t be held due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Report Analysis:

BSW took various initiatives to bridge the student-professor gap. Initiatives were taken to help the first-year students academically as well as with the language problem. For the first time, extra academic sessions were introduced for some courses before the exams. BSW also launched English Remedial Classes as well as English Language Enhancement Program. New flagship Events like It's Okay to be not Okay, What's Up Zindagi, Dance and Movement Therapy, Letter to Emotions, Spoken Word Boot-Camp were organized. Pass system to prevent extra students in STIC was introduced this time. This time, even the PG students took part in Convergence. This time, the PG inclusion has increased manifold due to the mentorship programs.

End Term Report:


Analysis by Jaskeen Singh

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