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BSP-GSEC Mid-Term Review


  1. Converting Inquirer to tabloids with increased frequency- BSP is having more regular Inquirer editions. Inquirer in a tabloid form is invalid in the online semester.

  2. Recruiting Hindi Journalists for enabling journalistic activities and the editorials in the Hindi language- Two Hindi Journalists were recruited in this tenure. Increase in journalistic activities and editorials in the Hindi language.

  3. BSP Panel- BSP panel comprising the previous two Chief Editors has been instituted. Its level of involvement in journalistic activities is satisfactory and insightful.

  4. Campus Ambassador program- The campus Ambassador program was launched successfully to increase the visibility of Literati in colleges in and around Delhi.

  5. Releasing an early schedule of Literati- An early schedule was released to ensure work allocation and its timely completion to successfully conduct Literati.

  6. Improving BSP Website Interface- Recruited two Website Editors and formed a team of four along with two Techies to improve the interface of the BSP Website.

  7. Buying Facebook Ads- Facebook Ads were used to increase student coverage in some posts.

Partially Completed-

  1. Relaunching Citizen Journalists as Freelance Correspondents; Rolling induction of vernacular language and PG correspondents- Freelancers recruited successfully. Working on launching a Hindi language series named Kacchi Dhoop. No significant work on other vernacular languages yet.

  2. Developing a community of creative writing enthusiasts, through recognition of Top Leaky Pen entries- Working on creating a platform to share blogs by top entries. The platform will be launched soon.

  3. Creating a ‘BSP Family’ community for continuing association with the team even after tenure completion- Forms have been float to previous BSP team groups. Adding them to a mailing list is yet to be done.


  1. Bimonthly Feedback Collection- A bimonthly feedback of the entire team. The feedback system is not running yet. Feedbacks of the Chief Editors from the journalists and techies were taken on a couple of projects but nothing solid

  2. Team Get-Togethers- Regular team get-togethers to create better understanding between members. They haven’t been organised yet. Organising such get-togethers is a bit tough in the online semester but still could have been done to a certain extent.

  3. MS Excel workshop- MS Excel workshop conducted by Chief Editors to improve Journalists’ analyses of surveys. The workshop has not been conducted yet.

  4. Developing a pool of alumni who wish to contribute to BSP activities, through collaboration with AAIP- This possibility hasn’t been worked upon or explored yet.

  5. Integrating the BSP Panel into a chain of research-reportage, making BSP the first publisher of reports about research advancements at IIT Delhi- No such initiative has been done yet.

  6. Research of the Month- Conducting Research of the Month series. No such series have been into running yet. A scientific article has been added instead in the Inquirer.

  7. Getting verified status for BSP Facebook page- It was a visionary

  8. Developing marketing capability for sponsorship for Literati Festival- Getting a sponsorship while organising the Literati festival was difficult but could have been done to a certain extent.

  9. Scaling up of high-impact series through the deployment of freelancers- Freelancers have been recruited but no significant work towards such series have been done yet.

Invalid Points-

  1. Switching to recycled paper to reproduce the experience of a newspaper and lower cost per copy- Online Semester

  2. Analyzing the performance of BSP magazine stalls- Online Semester

  3. Forming a dedicated team for Literati festival decoration- Online Semester

  4. Synchronising events with Convergenz for better outreach and fund utilization- Online Semester

  5. Making the BSP panel responsible for increased communication of concerns with the administration- GSecy realised that being in contact with the administration personally would be better than outsourcing it to the BSP panel.


The team was pretty well satisfied with the efforts taken by the GSecy in various facets of the BSP organisation. He has very decently managed the workload of the team. Making the objectives clear in advance, giving the necessary space to work, distributing accountability, keeping track of the team and being flexible with deadlines whenever required helped the team to scale upwards in harmony. A couple of manifesto points were very ambitious ones and thus the GSecy was only successful to explore them rather than complete. A couple of the manifesto points were also drawn by being very optimistic about resuming the semester offline. They were no more valid due to the ongoing online semester as expected. The formation of the BSP panel with ex-Chief Eds and their insightful contribution to the journalistic activities has got a significant appreciation. There was regularity brought in the publishing of Inquirers. Freelancers and Hindi Journalists have been successfully recruited to expand the horizons of BSP, but still, there is yet to be seen any significant work in the vernacular and freelancers’ space. Forming a Bimonthly Feedback System of the team would help improve the performances and address the shortcomings in a timely manner. The GSecy didn’t restrict himself to the Manifesto Points. He also tried to take a few initiatives apart from the Manifesto. A Startup series named The Venture Ink was launched. It was dedicated to understanding and articulating the journey of the founders who are/have been part of the IITD Community. Efforts are also been taken to build an internal platform for the IITD community to express their political and social views. The development of this platform is in process, it is expected to be launched soon.

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