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BHM-GSEC Mid-Term Review

Completed Projects-

  1. Responsibility Delegation with respect to the new BHM structure:All of the members were briefed at the start of the semester.

  2. Orientation by Dean (BHM): Conducted at the start of the semester

  3. Incentivization for BHM staff: Payment of full salary considered to be a suitable incentive.

  4. Reports on House Committees: Submitted regularly to the GSsec

Partially Complete Projects-

  1. Online Complaint System: The BHM query redressal is under development, with two IITD students working on it.

  2. Transparency: Mess fees breakdown will be made public after the 26th of January. The hostel budget draft will be finalized and be made public.

  3. Regular Checkups of Hostel Residents and BHM staff: Regular checking in some of the hostels is being done for COVID

  4. Frequent unannounced inspections: Mailed Dean SA and the inspections were conducted in all hostels barring one.

Incomplete Projects-

  1. Installation of coffee vending machines: Classified as non-priority

  2. Hostel Beautification: Classified as non-priority and budget constraints.

  3. Booking portal for Zanskar OAT: Classified as nonpriority as hostelers are not at their maximum strength

Invalid Due to Covid:

Monthly Survey of mess users: Scrapped because the mess users are not at their maximum strength.

New Initiatives

  1. Smart Anaaj: New vendor for roti aata- Claimed to be much softer than previous.

  2. Centralized Vendor: Vendors for groceries have been centralized for all of the thirteen hostels


The workload for BHM has been a fraction of what it is usually during normal semesters.

At the start of the semester, the BHM Gsec along with DEAN BHM divided projects into priority and non-priority classes. The four incomplete manifesto points Monthly survey, Installation of coffee vending machines, Hostel Beautification, and the booking portal for Zanskar OAT were classified as nonpriority projects owing to the fact that the campus has not been in use to its maximum capacity over the last year. All of these projects either required the full campus strength to be tested to their best or were nonessential.

Division of responsibilities amongst the BHM Reps, BHM DGS, and Hostel teams was completed at the start of the tenure itself. Reports on the working of Hostel committees were submitted regularly to the DEAN BHM and the GSEC. As an incentive for the BHM staff, BHM considers the payment of their complete salaries from the BHM reserves to be a suitable incentive during the pandemic. However, a permanent incentivization scheme has not been implemented. Frequent unannounced visits were requested from the DEAN SA in the hostels and were conducted multiple times however one of the hostels claimed that visits did not take place.

BHM has collaborated with SAC, it forks from and raises problems on the SAC portal to get inputs for the time being while the BHM portal is underway.

Other than the manifesto points new initiatives were also taken. Centralized vendors for groceries (Safal) and dairy products (Mother Dairy) have been finalized for all of the Hostels and the supplier for aata has been changed to SMART ANAAJ which makes much softer rotis as compared to before. SMART ANAAJ has been given a 3-month contract on a pilot basis starting 27th Jan.

Based on responses recieved from (11/13) house secretaries.

All of the house secretaries have agreed that the Gsec is responsive and approachable, responding to texts with gentle reminders. On the flip side, one of the house secys stated that the Gsec though was Approachable and responsive but he needed to be more proactive in taking initiatives. Overall everyone was satisfied with the GSecs management style however some fingers were raised as to the amount of work done - a grey area with covid at hand.

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