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BRCA GSec Miles

Completed Manifesto Points:

  1. The orientation of the billing process of the new BRCA team with all administrative officers - This was done in the first meeting with all the club secretaries.

  2. Emulating the BHM rate contract system in BRCA - There are certain approved vendors through which equipment for clubs like PFC or Music can be purchased from BRCA budget.

  3. Inter-hostel competitive club points for BRCA trophy - Competitive structure was introduced in BRCA for each club. Trophy distribution did not take place because BHM Night was cancelled.

  4. New events added by every club - Almost every club introduced new events, both competitive and informal.

  5. Organized inter-club events - Parody making (Drama-HS) and Book-cover design (FACC-Lit-HS) took place.

  6. Formation of PG cultural society named “Sopaan” - This will increase the outreach of BRCA to PG students. There are also plans to have one PG representative in each club in the future.

  7. Conduction of Cultural Classes in SAC

  8. Inclusion of all 5 boards in RDV.

  9. RDV Prizes being passed immediately - Earlier, RDV prizes were delayed and reached the winners after 4-5 months. This time, they were sent immediately.

  10. Shifting of RDV Venue from OAT to Football Field - This increased footfall & ensured that food vendors don't face any losses.

Partially Completed:

  1. Standard operating procedure for passing of online bills of e-commerce platforms - The system involves reimbursement so expensive things cannot be purchased. It requires the approval of the president of the club as well.

  2. Surplus from online billing will be used to fund external participation of societies - Although not from online billing, Drama club is promised reimbursement for their participation in IIT-BHU.

  3. External event calendar to be prepared by each club - External participation was encouraged but no specific calendar was made.

  4. Standardized NGU credit distribution - The process was made a little easier. Earlier, there were some problems with the request stuck at different places but those were fixed.

  5. Proposal to use LHC after 8pm and hostel infrastructure to solve the shortage of venues for events - This was not proposed as after discussion, it was found more convenient to allow the use of OAT for events instead.

Not Completed:

  1. Constitution of a technical and coverage team of BRCA - Forms were floated but no suitable candidate was found.

  2. Inclusion of hostel fests under BRCA - This was supposed to be done, with the purpose of BRCA clubs organizing their events in the fests, but did not happen due to the lockdown.

  3. Setting up an online bill tracking system - Could not happen as there was no technical team to do this.

  4. Even distribution of BRCA events and introduction of a cumulative bi-weekly calendar - No calendar was released publicly.

Note: There were no points regarding Rendezvous in the manifesto because at the time of the elections, it was not clear who would organize it. There were chances of a selected candidate organizing it instead of BRCA G.Sec.


Report Analysis:

On the basis of the report submitted by the BRCA GSec, the new initiatives taken up included the formation of a PG cultural society named “Sopaan”, conduction of Cultural Classes in SAC, Inclusion of SPIC MACAY Workshops under RDV. There were also new competitions & events held such as IIT Delhi MUN & By the Chai(HS+Music), Inter-Club events like Parody Making(Drama+HS) etc, were also organised.

Making BRCA competitive & shifting of RDV Pro-nights venue from OAT to the Football field to increase the attendance are the 2 major initiatives. There were also several initiatives to bridge the gap between Student Community & Administration like Orientation of the billing process of the new BRCA team with all administrative officers.

End Term Report:


General questions:

Q1. What are your thoughts on the impact of the competitive structure?

The competitive structure was brought in place to increase the enthusiasm amongst people involved in BRCA and also to maintain the participation of fourth yearites, who usually get cut off from BRCA. The main counter-argument was that the competition kills the creative spirit, but I believe that this did not happen due to two reasons. First was that we gave full freedom to the clubs to implement the competitive points as they wish. For example, Lit club saw the introduction of a house system and QC maintained their league system while adding extra comp quizzes. Second was that each club organized non-comp and informal events as well, to cater to the creative fragment.

Q2. What were some unforeseen problems that you faced during your tenure?

The mindset of a student and a faculty member are different. Due to this, a lot of things become harder to implement as we require approval of the president to implement something new. Many times, the paperwork and the idea had to be modified so that we could convince the president.

Q3. What are some areas to improve on for the next G.Sec?

I think that the next candidate should definitely work on the formation of a technical team. Something must be done by him/her to get suitable candidates for the post.


Analysis done by Aryan Agarwal and Tarun Gaur

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