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Night before the elections @ IIT Delhi

People ask me this a number of times. What did I do a night before the elections? Did I cut any back deals? What last fringe attempts did I make to salvage my situation? How did I employ my group to maximise my chances of winning? So, what was I really doing a night before the elections.

So behold, the night of 2nd April 2016, 10pm, I was in Nilgiri, having just returned after watching my favourite team thrash a lowly fellow premier league team I was with people of my camp as we counted and recounted the plausible votes. While my poltu senior predicted a comfortable victory for me with his skewed counting of votes, my pessimistic count revealed otherwise. On the question of “Why would he/she not vote for you despite XYZ?” I really had no answers apart from saying that I just don’t think they would. An hour into this tiring activity of repeatedly counting the votes (this is essentially how all nights are during elections) and contemplating on the best and worst case scenarios and formulating a plan of action, I decided to take a break. One of my batchmates and I found a random Tibetan bowl in the room, it produced a soothing sound but only if it was hit in the absolutely perfect manner. The next one and a half hours went into perfecting that skill. We failed though. Luckily, my senior was out on some other work, you know, multiple elections faring, everyone was busy in counting, otherwise he would have taught me how to strike that bowl perfectly.

12am, 3rd April: We rush back to Girnar, things were tense, big crowds had gathered in the TV room. I knew that it was absolutely indispensable for me to be there. For it was the clasico, and how could I have possibly missed that. For the next two hours I was heavily invested into the match and boy what a match it was. I still cannot the forget the late winner from Real Madrid. My job was done, for a split second I was relieved from the stress of the incoming storm that was less than 6 hours away. The excitement kept me from sleeping, I knew that everything that could be done has been done and everything that could have been done cannot be done now. That panic and anxiety would be useless now. Though I had already realised that, my roommate ensured I took other thoughts into my dreams as he forced me to watch “Oye Lucky Lucky Oye” at 4am in the morning. Quite a supporter, I must say.

Woke up at 7, rallied my camp and arrived at the arena. The votes took place and other casting mechanisms did also take place and the rest they say is history.

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