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Life as a RDV coordinator by Shaurya Gupta

Rendezvous hasn’t been the same for me the day I became a coordinator. The glamour and the glitter which Rendezvous carries, changes completely when one is on the other side of the table. It is the sheer hard work of 200 people which makes those 4 days an experience full of delight, awe and mesmerisation. 

Amidst the hard work and the effort to make Rendezvous a success, there are many instances which make Rendezvous really memorable as an organiser. And this post is certainly not aimed to only highlight the challenges which the team faces but the various situations and fixes which added a bit more thrill to organising Rendezvous.

Talking about the challenges which we faced and how the whole team handled it together is in itself a matter of great learning. We never really knew whether the fest is going to happen the way we planned or not. Multiple exacting things start happening a couple of days prior to the fest. Getting threats from sponsors to not get the full sponsorship amount at the last moment due to some deliverable which we could not deliver to being threatened by the food vendors to be dragged for a court case. With compromises, negotiations and settlements we somehow managed to solve the issues which looked impossible to resolve in the beginning. 

Amidst these challenges and difficulties, organising Rendezvous still has plenty of those fun moments each team member would cherish. To give you a glimpse of it, let me just describe our schedule in the last few days. We used to work out of SAC lounge, which was literally a home for many of us. We used to work, eat and sleep in lounge. Few of us would not go to hostel rooms for days. Though the days would go away in planning events and fighting sponsors, the nights belonged to the team. 

For few of us, the staircase (RDV Headquarters) behind badminton court was certainly a high point, where we used to chill and take crucial decisions at the same time. Going to ’24×7′ and AIIMS to curb midnight munchies became a routine. Ordering food from night mess, bingeing on chocolates and juices (from one of the in-kind sponsors) added as a motivation for the team to stay in SAC lounge longer. 

The constant fight to sleep on bigger sofa, the car races, the walkie talkie fun, the food, the work pressure and the OAT stories is what I’ll remember apart from the extravaganza this fest is.

We certainly did Discover ourselves, added Colours to our college days and Celebrated Rendezvous the way it should be.

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