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Exemplar CV: Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering department of IIT Delhi is ranked between 51-60 in the world, which of course gives you an upper hand while applying for internships in the core field.  Since most of the internships are secured via mailing, the CV that you send is the biggest deciding factor and thus you need to be on point with it, work on the layout and formatting.

For a core internship in mechanical engineering, project work is one of the most significant features required, since it is the best measure of your hands-on experience:

  1. Mention and describe(make sure the description covers all the important features) all the projects you have worked on, include MCP101 project as well.

  2. The upcoming winter is quite an opportunity, try making it productive, find a project and mention the ongoing work in your CV(use asterisks to mark the ongoing projects/courses etc and mention the date/month of completion).

  3. Dedicate a section of your CV to the relevant courses done/ongoing, you can mention courses like MCL111, MCL141/140, APL104, APL100, MCP100, MCP101, try to write little description about them that involve the skills you acquired(specifically enlighten the part that relates to the intern you’re applying for).

  4. Software that are used for assignments(or any other purposes) that you learn during the course are also worth mentioning, they carry significant importance(MATLAB, Autodesk, Solidworks for instance).

  5. The rise of Industry 4.0 demands you to blend accordingly and hence mentioning courses like COL100 are significantly important(online courses like CS50 can also be listed).

Technical skills can be a section in your CV to collectively sum up all the coding languages and the designing softwares that you equip. Term papers are a really good CV point, IP students write one for their thermodynamics course which can definitely be mentioned. If your co-curriculars have any mechanical background(axlr8r, robotics etc), mention them too.

Apart from hardcore mechanical, things that might not appeal to you while applying for a core mechanical intern but in reality carry significant importance would be PORs/social work/extra-curriculars.

  • Mention all the PORs you’ve held till the date of applying and describe them well, include all the work you did precisely.

  • Any social work(include work done in NSS) must be mentioned, it reflects the kind of person you are and differentiates you from the rest.

  • List all the sports and other activities you have been involved in and list all the achievements(Inter IIT for instance). All of this represents how involved you have been in your college life, the personality you possess and are fairly important.

  • Do not try to fake any of the points and be completely honest.

Article by: Nitin Shekhar

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