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BHM GSec Miles

Completed Manifesto Points:

  1. Structural up-gradation of BHM

  2. Public health measures

  3. Green and clean IIT Delhi

  4. Caution money/Security deposits to be used by hostels’ DDF fund as per graduating students’ approval.

Partially Done:

  1. Alumni Network - Institute alumni meet for each hostel was not implemented however Kumaon and Nilgiri held one. The Alumni office has a database BHM has parallelly collaborated with them.

  2. Digitalization of notice boards - The vendor is on the verge of finalization to be implemented very soon

  3. Flexible Messing and Pay Per meal - To be implemented via an RFID system. The vendors have presented their products. The vendor has to be finalized.

  4. Food outlet monitoring - Tablet-based feedback which is to be implemented via the Timble system. The purchase order has to be given.


  1. Master Chef IITD - Not implemented as competition for salaried workers may not be taken in a positive spirit by them as upon losing it may demotivate them instead a committee is to be made which will discuss and implement suitable incentives for the same.


Report Analysis

As per the report submitted, there were changes to the BHM constitution. Flexible messing and pay per meal had its groundwork established through an RFID based system which is to be installed soon. Changes to the mess rebate system have been implemented. Several steps were taken concerning food hygiene. A mess hygiene committee was created that audited all the hostels, Timble based feedback systems for food vendors are also to be installed, and hygiene training was conducted for the BHM staff.

Dogra trophy, a concept in works for 5 years was finally implemented this year, has aimed to tackle various issues by giving them a suitable weightage—focusing on the fundamentals of clean and green IITD. The nuisance of mosquitos was dealt with by taking several measures.

Digitalization of the campus took a few paces forward with several projects which are on the underway Digitalization of notice boards, RFID system, and an online maintenance portal.

A new food truck is operating in Rajdhani and is to serve Himadri and Kailash soon. BHM night mess at Udaigiri hostel has started serving. BHM collaborated with Zomato's feed India program for proper food waste management, and A Swiggy kiosk is to be installed in the academic area.

End Term Report:


Analysis by Avyansh Katiyar

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