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BSA GSec Miles

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Completed Points

  1. Mixed tournament and informal events for Inter-contingent bonding.

  2. PG tournament was held (it was not interdepartmental though)

  3. De-centralization of the juice centres

  4. Adding Fresher Inter Hostel points to Inter Hostel GC.

  5. Expedite Reimbursement Process

  6. Practice Matches

  7. League format in sports

  8. Inter hostel rule change

  9. Coach interaction

  10. New chess team

  11. Equipment management

  12. Conversion of Nalanda Ground to Football Ground

Partially Done Points

  1. There were no Sportech informal events in the odd semester.

  2. Revamping BSA website: no Inventory Portal, Physiotherapy Slots or complaint redressal incorporated. Instead of Physiotherapy Slots for the contingent, swimming pool slots were incorporated for the entire campus.

  3. Making Girl’s Interhostel more prestigious: The only step taken in this direction was the fresher girls tournament.

Incomplete Points

  1. No Adventure sports activities were organized to foster Inter-Contingent Bonding.

  2. PG reps were not assigned in hostels

  3. No separate BSA PG orientation was held - Separate orientations were not held for PG as well as UG freshers due to the conduction of Freshers Inter Hostel. The onus was on the sports secretaries to make the freshers aware of BSA and its constituents. This was always a better way for orientation as the freshers are emotionally connected to their respective hostels which leads to a greater impact.

  4. Shuttle Bus Service for girls was not implemented

  5. OCs were not appointed in October, rather much later. This also meant marketing and publicity work was not started early.

  6. No Tournaments for differently-abled were held

Note : One point pertaining to Sportech was skipped as it couldn’t be completed due to COVID.


Report analysis

On the basis of the report submitted by the BSA GSec, the significant initiatives taken up were the PG Tournament Oorja and a freshers tournament to screen new talent for Inter IIT. Apart from that swimming pool slot booking portal was added to the BSA website for use of all campus residents and Nalanda Ground was converted to a Football Ground.

Some rules were changed in Inter Hostels to increase inclusivity for non-Inter IIT participants. IIT Delhi also participated in a Pan-IIT movement during the pandemic to increase general health awareness. A significant initiative to increase social media outreach included interviews with all the team coaches. A new chess team was formed for participation in Inter IIT 2019. Initiatives were taken to build infrastructure to store sports equipment on the football, basketball and volleyball fields. Regular review meetings were also held with the coaches and team captains to know the progress.

End Term Report:

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