BSA GSec Miles

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Completed Points

  1. Mixed tournament and informal events for Inter-contingent bonding.

  2. PG tournament was held (it was not interdepartmental though)

  3. De-centralization of the juice centres

  4. Adding Fresher Inter Hostel points to Inter Hostel GC.

  5. Expedite Reimbursement Process

  6. Practice Matches

  7. League format in sports

  8. Inter hostel rule change

  9. Coach interaction

  10. New chess team

  11. Equipment management

  12. Conversion of Nalanda Ground to Football Ground

Partially Done Points

  1. There were no Sportech informal events in the odd semester.

  2. Revamping BSA website: no Inventory Portal, Physiotherapy Slots or complaint redressal incorporated. Instead of Physiotherapy Slots for the contingent, swimming pool slots were incorporated for the entire campus.