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The Corporate CV

Internships not related to any of the core engineering disciplines and takes the students for different profiles such as business analyst, operations manager, marketing management, data analyst etc. are regarded as non-core internships. Some non-core companies want you to excel in a field, and some companies require specific skills and don’t really care about the activities you have been involved in your institute life. Non-core companies look for an individual, his/her interests, passion, achievements, and strive for success. But if we were to generalize the requirements needed to apply for a non-core internship, companies look for leadership qualities, impacts you have created in the system, your involvement in activities, achievements, experience etc. depending on the type of internship you’re applying for and thus your CV should contain all such information. Recruiters spend an average of six seconds reviewing a resume before they make any decision on the candidate, that means you must win them over fast and this is exactly why the presentation of your CV is such an essential component. The CV shall not exceed one page (the six-second rule justifying this). The important components of the CV must be highlighted, this can either be done by making the text bold or by italicizing the text (which attracts the attention of the recruiter while he’s going through the resume). Moving on the content of the CV, mention all the Position of Responsibilities you’ve held in your college (this gives a firm idea to the recruiter about your leadership qualities). Your CGPA is the sincerity parameter and is an important component of your resume while applying for a non-core internship. Mention your JEE rank (you could also mention the rank of any other valuable competition exam along with this), scholastic achievements (include the important ones in your school life as well, NTSE, KVPY, Olympiads for instance), scholarships, all the clubs and boards you have worked for (be it cultural or technical, it represents your involvement in the institute and depicts the qualities in you, debating, for instance shows that you are logically strong and confident). Include case studies (it’s a very beneficial point especially if you’re applying for consult or analytics) or specifically involve a component that enhances your CV with respect to whichever post you’re applying for, achievements/participation in events like MUN/NeT (this shows that you’re aware of the corporate culture and it’s functioning), the projects you have been involved and the technical skills you possess(even though you’re not applying for an intern which requires this but it’s always good to portray yourself knowledgeable and for instance if you’re applying for a business intern in a company that does mostly tech related stuff, it’d depict that you also have a brief idea about tech department, hence an upper hand over the other candidates), sports activities and achievements. Don’t forget to take a look at the General CV for design and other factors!

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