IT’S COMING HOME!: Inter IIT Sports Meet 2018

IIT Delhi has made history by winning the General Championship at the 53rd Inter IIT Sports Meet held at IIT Guwahati. This is the first time since 1990 that the Delhi contingent was crowned champions. Apart from the GC, the team also bagged the trophy for the Men’s Championship and the March Past Trophy. The record this year has been nothing less than spectacular with the players bringing home six Gold, two silver and two bronze medals out of the 13 sports. Apart from these, the Squash and Lawn Tennis(men) teams bagged the fourth position.

                                                Tally of the medals won

Position                       Scores contributed to the trophy

First                                            10

Second                                        6

Third                                           4

Fourth                                         2

The inter IIT sports meet having been held since the year 1961, is the longest running Inter-collegiate meet where all the 23 sister IITs participate. Here are the words of some of the people who played a monumental role in making the dream of winning a reality.


What were the initial expectations and hopes before the contingent had set foot in Guwahati?

We were quite confident of the GC this time. For the past 2 years, we have had a great