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NUS – Sameer Pande, CS1

Application Procedure:

I remember starting mailing professors around mid-October and was quite lucky to have got the intern from my 3rd mail itself. I remember it was 28th or 30th October when I sent the email to NUS. I had not done any extra projects aside from my course projects but my CGPA was quite good so that might have helped me in getting the internship.

At NUS, I worked in the Systems and Networks lab. They require a CS background as a prerequisite. Many of the other labs like Human-Computer Interaction Lab and Programming Languages Lab also require a good performance in CS courses as these labs are built on the core fundamentals covered in the Computer Science course.

The Internship Experience:

The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is continuously evolving over time so I basically had to develop a tool which could survey the top-visited websites and return the protocol being used by the website and figure out if any unknown protocols are in use.

The work there was quite hectic. I used to go there at 9 in the morning and come back at 7 in the evening. The weekends were off but sometimes I had to work on weekends as well.

The student-professor interaction was much better as compared to IIT and my supervisor was quite friendly. I used to be in regular touch with him and we had daily discussions. I had to give weekly presentations so he was quite involved in the project. The UG students there were also very competitive, similar to IIT Delhi.

The Social Scene:

I lived just outside the campus. There are hostel providers around NUS, so I contacted one of them via facebook and got myself a place to live. It was a condo and three people shared it. It was a clean place with an AC. We had our own kitchen and washing machines as well.

I did not experience any language issues since most people can speak English. There were a lot of Chinese people as well but you can manage that. The food was awesome, you can find almost any cuisine there. There are also a lot of Indian people there so Indian food is not an issue. Most of the colleges, like NUS and NTU, have Indian food courts as well.

Singapore is a small country but a really big city, so I visited a lot of places, like the Marina beach and Sentosa. Indonesia is quite nearby, so many people planned a weekend trip to Indonesia or Thailand as well. No cultural shock in particular.

The city is very disciplined and very clean. For a city that is as big as Singapore, people go to sleep by 12. There is good nightlife as well, but you won’t find it on the streets. People are quite nice and you can find a lot of Indians as well.

A Memorable Experience:

There are many. One was the final presentation that we gave. The professors and our lab team were quite satisfied with the work we did there and they applauded us, so that was quite memorable.

Article By: Aryan Agarwal

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