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Nescafe Bhaiya

People often forget that just like students, there also exists another group of people that step into a new part of their life after coming to IIT. Mr Kailash Choudhary, having roots from Bihar but born and raised in Delhi, started a new phase of his life here at IIT Delhi seven years ago. Mr Kailash works at Nescafe during the night hours, and students who usually study late in the library are sure to have met him.

He works from 6 pm - 5 am everyday, due to which he has to take time during the day to sleep. This makes his job harder than it looks, as such a strange work schedule makes it difficult for him to try new things or give time for his hobbies. Still, he seems to love his job here at IIT. When asked for a reason, his reply was simple - “Respect”. “Students here at IIT Delhi have a habit of talking to everyone with respect. For example, Guard Sahab”. He sells around 50 brownies, 150 muffins and 400 to 500 cups of coffee a day. Apart from work, he really loves playing cricket and is a fan of Sachin. When asked about an incident here at IIT Delhi that he’d never forgotten, he shared a quite humorous event he had. He said, “I was working both shifts during that time, day job at someplace else and night job here at Nescafe. I hadn’t slept for 24 hours straight and was really exhausted, so it was around 1:00 a.m when I dozed off, my partner went to the restroom for a while when a girl came to buy something while I was sleeping. She tried to wake me up and thinking that it was my partner who was doing that, I blabbered some stuff while being half asleep. I later realized that it was a customer and had to apologize. She thought that I was drunk.” The next time you are at or around Nescafe when he’s working, take a moment to go chat with him, for his best stories are also the ones we cant write

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