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Krishna Dogra

Each institute has some pillars on which it stands, from where it draws it strengths. We bring to you one such heartwarming story from the Humans of IITD series, a series which is aimed at giving a voice to all the people who make IITD what it is today and appreciating them for the tireless and selfless effort that they put in everyday.

"Its been 40 years since I joined IIT Delhi. And I loved every minute of it. I gave an exam and an interview in 1980, and originally joined in the works department. I was asked to move to the UG section 10 years later. People warned me against it, saying there was a lot of work in the UG Section. Things were very different back then - we had to do everything manually when now everything is computerised. But I have always been very attached to students, and my husband s

upported me in this decision, so I didn't think twice. My husband is retired now, he worked in the TnP and the Asst Registrar, IRD for almost as long as me. The highlight of my work has always been the students. Some still make it a point of meet me, even call me to lunch whenever they visit the campus. I have always thought of them as my own children.

Me and my husband have never refused to help a student in need. My husband typed in the thesis, quotations and references for students - he often used to stay up the whole night for this purpose. We invited the students to our home in the campus when they needed his help and made sure they didn't leave on an empty stomach.

I have always strived to make sure I go out of my way to help a student who needs it. For thirty years I hav

e eaten lunch in the office so that I can attend to even then. It pains me to even think about leaving this place, about leaving IIT. Both me and my husband are retired now. We were asked to vacate our home in IIT after I retired. Luckily, the dean granted me an extension so I could continue to work. The extension, which can only be granted of two years max, is coming to an end now. I will be asked to leave this place in a few months. There will be no more extensions.

It was tough, continuing my work

in this old age. 6 months after my 'retirement' when I was granted extension, my office chair broke. I suffered 3 fractures in my leg and torso. To think I almost made it to the end before this had to happen. People asked me why I didn't ask IIT to bear the cost for the surgery, since I was wounded during office hours. How could I? They were so supportive through it all. They gave me three months recovery leave during one of the busiest times of the year. I came back in a month and a half. Even when I was bed ridden, I used to stare out of my window; I couldn't wait to be back to my desk, among the students. Then came the convocation and sir requested if I could be back. I didn't think twice. Husband used to drop me off to the desk and pick me up after. The staff were supportive too. This place has given me a family at work. I can't just sit at home and do nothing. This place has given me a purpose. I have zero regrets."

- Krishna Dogra, Jr. Superintendent, UGS. (Interviewed by Pratyush Pandey) #humans

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