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Keshav Bhaiya

Hailing from Mathura, Keshav bhaiya came to IIT through family recommendations and has been with us for over 4 years. Officially the groundsman at the sports office seldom lets his assigned responsibilities limit his contribution to sports at IIT Delhi as he juggles responsibilities helping students and staff with their clerical and other administrative sports problems. Recognized as one of the most versatile and hardest working employees, he hasn't let his personal lack of sporting abilities affect his enthusiasm for fostering a better sports culture at IIT Delhi.

To no one's surprise, Keshav bhaiya is the popular guy of the office liked and adored by his colleagues.

Even the workaholic Keshav bhaiya cites lunch with his friends the favorite part of his day. Throughout his time in IIT, he says his experience with colleagues and seniors has been amazing, particularly, he's grateful for their belief in him, and the opportunities afforded for him.

May Keshav Bhaiya make everyone's life happier, and be the glue which holds the sports office together.

This was post by Humans in association with @sportech.iitd

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