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Kanishk Singhal - Philips

Kanishk Singhal, MT1

Interned at: Philips

My internship was arranged through the Office of Career Services. Therefore, I did not require to mail professors from universities or participate in SURA. I did my summer internship at Philips, Bangalore, in the research and development department. Due to the COVID-19 situation in the country, the company decided to arrange the internship online.

Extensive procedure and experience at the internship

I managed to maintain quite a decent cumulative grade point in my first year and in the following semesters as well. My CV contained most scholastic achievements from the academic tenure prior to college, including Olympiads and other government level examinations conducted in 10+2. In the application of internship through OCS, CG plays an extremely important role.

Apart from general issues and constraints in the online mode, my experience at the internship was extremely productive and beneficial to my future academic career. It was my very first exposure to the corporate world, and it was very enlightening to learn about how things function in the work field. The project was conducted in a very organized manner, with adequate help available at each stage. We were assigned weekly work on the project. We had to figure out most of the work on our own, allowing us to enhance the qualities of self-learning. We were assigned mentors who would guide us in the work we were doing. The project I was working on was focused on blood flow imaging, i.e., sonography of blood using ultrasonic waves. Such concepts are heavily required in ECG, CPR, and other medical-related domains. Apart from the assistance and guidance provided, there indeed were communication issues with our supervisor as communication was held just once a week.

Takeaways and suggestions

I had pre-decided that in the unlikely event of not landing a research internship through OCS, I would take to mailing professors from other universities or take up a SURA project. However, it is not necessary to do an internship in the 2nd year of college, therefore those who get rejected needn’t necessarily give a lot of extra effort to get one. Apart from these topics, I would advise one to keep their CV comparatively filled as it leaves a positive impression on the respective professor or supervisor. Try to contact as many professors as possible because a second-year internship is all a game of luck and timing. It is advised to continue with projects that one has taken up to increase skills. Good luck!


Interviewed by: Afreen Haider

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