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Kamla Aunty

"Bad times are a part of life. They come and go. The important thing is to stay happy with what you have." This is the philosophy that Kamla Aunty, who runs the tiny tea stall stacked behind the SBI outlet follows. Most of the students and professors stroll right past it, bustling in and out of LHC.

She lives in Gurugram and travels every day to open her shop at 9.30 AM. For many bank employees, it is their day's first cup of tea. Its a place for students to go after their classes get finished. "I opened the shop back in 1998, and I haven't changed a thing about it yet. My husband used to work at this bank before that. While he is no more, I like this place and the people here. I have a lot of people coming in every day. Usually, I cant keep track of how many batches of tea I've brewed, but I usually always remember the faces." It's supposed to be a bank canteen, but no one can stop the stream of students and professors frequenting the shack.

When we approached her, she seemed very hesitant. She served tea to half a dozen or so people and bustled out with her phone pressed to her ear. She returned after talking to her son, content that it was okay to speak to us.

Her tea was as sweet as her personality. "IIT बहुत अच्छा है, यहाँ के बच्चे भी बहुत अच्छे हैं|" #hony#humans#iitd (Interviewed by @maria.1.6 )

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