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Editor's Note

Dear Reader

Strolling along the Biotech Lawns in the late winter evenings, we were discussing the contents of our next Inquirer magazine. Inquirer, as all it’s past editions have been, is an opportunity to bring to the surface silent worries lying in the back of our minds and untold tales yearning to be heard. We kept thinking in the same spirit until we came upon a bunch of sophomores singing in the artificial grass lawn. We could see the disparities in their batch and ours. Being a complete covid batch, they are really unique in themselves. In all this, we could not stop thinking of the various covid mutants that keep coming in our life.

Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Omicron; was all Greek to most but has taken on fresh meaning with newer variants of covid cropping up. We tried to explore how these names came to be, how research on the covid genome is carried out, and what the latest addition to this family, Omicron, holds for us.

We thought about people with special needs, and tried to highlight the experiences of a PwD student of IIT Delhi and of a person with a rare disease in an attempt to understand the issues faced by them. We also summarise the various schemes and insurances set up by IITD to help students with medical expenses, such as Medical Insurance, Student Distress Fund and Benevolent Fund Scheme.

What if our courses are delivered in our native languages? Is that feasible and beneficial in the long run? With inputs from Professor M. Balakrishnan, we attempt to analyse and answer a few of these questions.

The pandemic has impacted the academic and hostel lives of all students, but none as much as the current sophomores, aka the covid batch. We present to you in this inquirer, the sophomore survey- a hawk-eyed view of the covid batch. Where are they from? What are their future aspirations? What distinguishes the sophomore batch? Is there a connection between English fluency and CGPA? Are people in relationships more successful academically? These are a few of the links we attempt to draw through the analysis of the result of the survey conducted for sophomores.

This Inquirer was conceived with great inquisitiveness and endeavour. This journey to get the answers is full of intriguing twists and turns. We may not always have the right answers, but it is our responsibility to ask the right questions. We hope you enjoy our work and take away something worth remembering. Happy reading!


Gopika, Jaskeen & Sahil


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