BSA GSec Himanshu Thakur

Q) You gave a passionate statement of purpose. Now that it has been a few weeks since your election, what all have you started working on? Have the teams started with their training? What is the schedule like?

Preparations for a virtual farewell have begun and will be done within this week. Farewell posters and welcome posters for the outgoing and the incoming captain and vice-captains will be released shortly. Moreover, we have finalised our awards- something which was done within two days of our appointment. We have also launched a fantasy league with over 700 registrations and shall be conducting yoga sessions soon.

Q) You talk about conducting online training sessions. What sort of sessions are you talking about here. Have the coaches been approached, and are they on the same page about this plan?

Most of our coaches may not be available to take online sessions. We plan to conduct ‘drilling’ sessions, which shall require no equipment but just enough space for the student to stand. Complete training sessions can not be undertaken, but such sessions are pertinent to maintain a basic fitness level. We have to consult with different captains before moving ahead with this idea.

Q) Do you hire coaches on a full-time basis, and have they been compensated for the previous months? Is the ground staff still employed and paid?

Coaches are hired on a contractual basis. I cannot comment on the latter part of your question since BSA’s student body is not responsible for these matters.

Q) Further to that, it is expected that students will not have the necessary sports equipment to train or practice. What is your plan for them?

We will ensure that no one requires any equipment. Our training sessions would only include basic exercises to maintain physical fitness. For example, volleyball players need to work on their jump, so footwork becomes essential for them. Similar activities will be conducted