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Amul Bhaiya

"I completed my intermediate and took admission in B.A. soon afterwards. The village didn't give enough opportunities to make the ends meet, and income generated from farming was also insufficient. Owing to the financial crunch, I dropped out of B.A. and came to Chandigarh where I worked for an year in the manufacturing sector. Later, I came to Delhi to work with the help of my relatives. My father in law's friend, who lived in the same locality, happened to be the owner of Amul Shop, and he offered me a job here.

Initially, when I came to Delhi I was very scared of the traffic jams and huge crowds. I still recall an incident when I walked through the roads with my bags over my head to meet my wife because I couldn't bear the traffic jam in the way. One fond memory which I still cherish is my visit to the zoo in Delhi when I was in 9th Class. I still remember a monkey who made unique gestures with an unusual voice.

IIT Delhi has been a wonderful experience so far, among all the items we sell Pizza Kulcha is the one I like the most. It's also the most sold product besides tea, of course, of which we sell around 600-700 cups a day. I have a shift of 12 hours in general, but I prefer a continuous 24-hour shift so that we can relax the next full day. We take breaks while working so it becomes easier to work for that long.

Most of the free time I get is spent in playing with and teaching my small children who are in playgroup. It's been two and a half years since I started working at IIT Delhi, and students and professors remain our usual customers; it's always good to see them leave satisfied with our shop." #Humans#humansofiiitd

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