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Alum Album Announcement

"RCA was a really good way to bond with your seniors. I enjoyed it for the most part..."

"I managed to sustain in a consultancy firm for two years but could I do that for my whole life? ..."

"The ratio was skewed, much more than it's now..."

How do you give words to a journey spanning more than a decade? And how do you ensure that the most memorable part of it retains its essence?

As an effort to do the same, BSP announces the start of "The Alum Album", a series that shall bring forth the stories of our alumni. It is an amalgamation of the fond memories and lessons our alumni have learnt over time and their way of dropping some takeaways for the current-gen. It's the lens they viewed life with, and might change yours for the better.

Stay tuned! We'd be starting soon :)

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