Supernumerary Reservation

In an effort to improve the gender ratio in its B.Tech programme, the Supernumerary Policy enacted by the GoI adds a total of 779 more seats in the new academic session for women applicants. These seats are in addition to the normal intake of candidates otherwise. The quota will vary every academic year from this year, 2018, till the number of female students touches a good proportion. Women make less than 15% of the student strength in the IITs at the moment.

The article includes interviews of various members from the committee, including Prof. Timothy Gonsalves, Director, IIT Mandi, who chaired the committee. IIT Delhi’s own representatives, Prof. Ravinder Kaur, Prof. Shalini Gupta and Prof. Sumeet Agarwal were also interviewed. A survey follows the interviews which shows the opinion of the student community regarding this policy.

Follow the link for more: Supernumerary

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