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Dean of Academics clarifies intent behind email remarks accidentally shared with the student body

On the 3rd of April, 2021, the Dean of Academics sent an email to the student body titled - 'Extended Provisions and Process for applying for I/Extended I grade'. However, a private email thread between the Dean of Academics and two other faculty members was accidentally shared along with this.

The thread contained comments about the worsening state of the pandemic and its effect on the ongoing semester along with several comments on the student survey, and about the students wanting a branch change. Many of these comments were not taken well by the student body. The following clarification was made by the Dean of Academics on his remarks 'to hell with them' made about the problems posed by the branch change students.

Every year there are a lot of representations made during branch change, many of which are on unsubstantiated grounds. The branch change is a very very well-calibrated processes, and done by a very experienced group of faculty members.
For obvious reasons, any change in semester schedule which pushes things too late, will affect branch change schedules and create a whole new line of representations. This is something we would need to avoid, as was clearly indicated in the meeting yesterday. This would not be acceptable.
So what was written there was referring to such endless representations, many of which are on flimsy grounds. In case semester for FY goes too late, it will have implications on branch change and the administration will need to deal with a much larger number of representations. Also it will delay brnach change results because of which students going into the new semester will be inconvenienced (because they wouldn't know the branch change results and hence would not know which courses to choose).

Additional, the dean gave the following response to one student email.

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