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Chaos Vitae

With a revamped structure for CV verification coming up this year, there is a lot of chaos amid the numerous forms floated, tonight being the deadline for most of them. A committee consisting of the outgoing General Secretaries and TnP Overall Coordinators has worked together closely over the last year to implement the new portal and system this year onwards. We at BSP try to look into the whats and whys that will be followed this time for the CV verification process for training and placements alike.

Systems are not revamped if they are flawless, and unfortunately, no system is flawless. The problem thankfully is not too complicated. Up until the previous years, the companies used to receive ‘verified’ CVs, which meant that the positions of responsibility and the work added by the student were both verified by ‘some’ process by the institute. The CV points were compiled by the General Secretary from the responses collected from the students themselves. The points were presented to the Board’s President for final verification before they were passed.

While this process had TnP officials go through these CVs to raise flags in case of spurious claims made in the CVs, there is no way to check work done by every person in a position of responsibility. This gave General Secretaries the privilege to form this sheet and get it approved from the president.

While this had been in place for a long time, this resulted in fake, audacious claims getting approved for people who weren’t even involved in the activity. As these incidents came into light, the administration pushed for the change and a stricter system in place.

As we said earlier, the problem was not extremely convoluted, but as it stands, its solution might be. From this year onwards, only the awards and positions of responsibility will be verified by the General Secretary. This allows Board Presidents to check the passed points and awards. As for the description of a POR, it will be notified to the companies that certain sections have not been verified, and it will now be their prerogative to check further. This part of the verification system is raising some eyebrows, and by some, we mean a lot. The first nakedly visible problem is what goes in and what goes not in the description part. People have been given creative independence to write whatever they want to; though this is not true entirely either.

The companies have indeed been given the authority to scrutinise these descriptions if they wish to, which again is creating misery as to how will they know what is factually right and what is not? They can not possibly contact the respective General Secretaries because it is basically the older system, the system we wished to improve upon. Therefore in the wake of what has transpired and what we know, there has been made a trade-off between having an entirely correct CV to having at least accurate major CV points. With most solid and verified claims available with the institute, students will have them in place for verification in the future.

How this changes the course of future POR management and the board itself is something we look forward to, although we do have concerns that this move might push towards an entirely POR-centric mindset instead of the ideal work-centric.

This process comes with a new portal to push PORs and award details. Now, these details will be synced with this portal over the year, which means there is no need to float the forms at the end of each year. Only these Events, Podiums, PORs, Awards on this portal can be added to the CV after that. The General Secretaries will upload the list, verifiable by President.

These points will be public, which can be viewed and possibly be flagged if there is still any fake credential passed through the Board (though that means a severe problem at various levels).

Following is the document shared by the TnP which discuss the portal.

We are still waiting for an official statement from TnP about this. They will clear the cloud for us catch every detail of this process on the radar.

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