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Editor's Note - Jan 2021

This is not a typical Editor's note, and we won’t give you a glimpse into the contents of the Inquirer as an Editor’s note is expected to. We will, instead, leave you with a couple, or more questions to reflect on, and your answers (or the absence of it) to these questions shall determine the fate of this Inquirer. We know your initial thought echoes indifference: who cares, it’s BSP after all? Take out a moment to listen to us though. We really think you should care.

Why do we produce Inquirer? What, if anything, is the purpose it serves? There are no easy answers, and an attempt at self-introspection will only lead to more questions. We can perhaps agree on the premise of our efforts for now, that howsoever far we may be from the bullseye, we keep on throwing the dart: Casual Sexism, Freshman Survey, OCS, Virtual semester etcetera etcetera.

The pursuit of a story is akin to walking inside a dark tunnel, with a glimmer of hope that there will be light at the end of it all, and both, we and our readers shall be illuminated. Two months ago, we set out on a similar trail, scouring the minds of our generous peers and seniors, asking them questions aplenty. Delays happened as they always do, and after all the bumps and leaps, we are finally here, unveiling the third Inquirer of the session. Contents are in order:

  • Supernumerary at work: The story of the improving ratio [Cover Story]

  • ‘I cheat because I have to’ : What forces you to cheat? [Opinion]

  • Holier than thou: Where three students give you a morality check [Opinion]

  • What do we become when we cheat? : The Professor speaks [Opinion]

With Inquirer, we hope to be able to think with new perspectives and answer some old questions. Our identities as students, professors or administration in IIT Delhi is central to who we are. With Inquirer, we hope to understand better exactly who we are. Tell us, if you know, or can claim to know the answers to the questions at the beginning. We too might discover the answers in your engagement :)


Ayesha, Ishita & Raunaq

Special Thanks: Prof. Samar Husain (President) & Yash Sheth (BSP’s everyday King)

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