A Literature Quiz

The Bell Quiz

Do you consider yourself a literature enthusiast? Are you willing to test your wits out amongst the bests?
We present to you The BELL Quiz. Hosted by our quizmaster Somasish Ghosh, get ready for an exquisite set of questions on Books, Etymology, Literature, and Language. You will be left scratching your head!
All college students can participate in teams of 3 or less. Prizes worth 6k up for grabs!

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Yer a Quizzard,

Harry ?

"I'm a what?"
"A Quizzard, Harry"
Literati, the annual literary fest of IIT Delhi, brings to you its flagship fresher exclusive event: "Yer a Quizzard, Harry". Take a ride on your broomsticks and put on your thinking witches' hats, cause this one's gonna be tougher than your OWLs!
Prizes worth 6k up for grabs! Teams to be formed with 2 or 3 participants.

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* IITD Students only

 Anime SH II

"Oh? You're approaching me? Instead of running away, you're coming right to me?"
You can't beat us without getting closer. 
Literati, IIT Delhi challenges you to its one-of-a kind anime quiz, Anime-sh II. Let's take you on a ride as you scratch your heads and find answers to anything and everything. Beyond Naruto and Dragon Ball Z, through your favourite anime into thrilling mangas. One thing's for sure, it will be something you've never seen!
Participants to be in a team of 2 or 3. Prizes upto 6k!
Think you're up for it? Come and get your One Piece.

* IITD Students only


Love decoding cryptograms and solving anagrams? Are you the best crossword solver out there? Show your puzzle-solving prowess to everyone as we present WordCrypt, a word games competition. Get up and start brushing up your skills for an adventure full of challenging rebuses, word pyramids, adages, and much more! Only the best will survive.

All college students can participate in teams of 2. Prizes worth 6k for the winners!




It's time! Take out your favourite pen and put on your thinking hats as we present to you our annual creative writing competition, My Scribblings. This is an opportunity for you to boast about your creative instincts to the rest of us. Weave your piece based on given prompts and allow us a peek into your imaginative world.

The competition is open to everyone. Prizes worth 6k await for the best!


Word Games


January 19

शब्दभेद (Hindi version of Spell Bee)

शब्द का भेदी शंका ढाए!

आइए, अपनी भाषा को और क़रीब से जानिए। इस प्रकार की यह पहली प्रतियोगिता है जिसमें आपको वर्णों के व्यूह को भेद उनकी सही वर्तनी बतानी होगी। किंकर्तव्यविमूढ़? क्यों, चौंक गये ना? भला कौन है जो सारे शब्दों से परिचित हो, आपको केवल उनके उच्चारण सुन कर शब्दों को भेदना होगा। क्या आप वह भेदक होंगे?

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Lit Fair

Indian Institute Of Technology, Delhi

Witness the upcoming writers and poets present their work at LitFair as we bring to you the first-ever pitch fest of this kind in NCR. LitFair is a celebration of varied art forms, a rendition of words that shall capture you with its mere freshness. In its crux lies the platform which every unpublished writer dreams for and a jury you'd always want your work to be reviewed by. Come for the exciting pieces we have in store for you or for a candid chat with some of the biggest names of the writing and publishing industry.

Pitch your book ideas to the jury and win exciting prizes worth INR 6k as well as a chance to get published!

The entries are accepted till 18th January.